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Clenz is a wellness company dedicated to detoxing naturally

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Colon Hydrotherapy + Lymphatic Therapies

Health Begins Within

Removing toxins from our body cleanses within and we heal ourselves.

Colon Hydrotherapy, the cleansing of our large intestine, and Bio-Electric Lymphatic Drainage Massage, the cleansing of our tissue, interstitial fluids and lymph, together, is a super cleanse. It leads to better homeostasis, and we’re mentally and physically improved. Our treatments are 100% natural, gentle, and safe. And we provide a relaxed soothing environment, detox therapies, nutrition and gut health coaching.

Our equipment is FDA regulated, and Carol the owner of Clenz is a member of
I-ACT, the official International Colon Hydrotherapy Association that insure the best practitioners.

Feel Positive, Inspired, and Energetic

Colon Hydrotherapy

Deep Cleansing Of The Large Intestine

​One Session $110
Three Sessions $285


Feelings of fatigue, low inspiration, dull skin and eyes, are signs of poor gut health. We’re clogged and bloated. We can’t lose weight, and we don’t know why this is happening to us even though we have a decent diet.

Cleansing is the first step to whole body wellness.  When we don’t feel good inside our bodies, we don’t feel the awesome person that we are.

Clenz uses a gravity based Open System ensuring a more pleasant and private treatment. Our colonics are natural, safe and gentle. You’ll relax in a private, warmly lit room, with soothing essential oils hydrating the atmosphere while a therapist coaches you through the experience. Your session is 50 minutes of focused cleansing and education.

Just show up with your coziest socks, and begin your first step to wellness within.



Bio-Electric Lymphatic Drainage Massage

​One Session $110
Three Sessions $285


Our treatment utilizes a device highly effective in eliminating toxins, die-off, and inflammation from fluid retention within our tissue. It ignites cellular respiration, the separation of nutrients from toxins in our cells,  sending toxins through our lymphatic channels where they prepare for disposal. BELD stimulates the lymphatic network in the small intestines, enhancing a deeper colonic experience. BELD speeds up recovery time after surgery, and drives out medications lingering in our system. BELD speeds up liposuction recovery by reducing inflammation and breaking down swelling, fluid          waves, and bumps.

Our sessions are 50 minutes. We recommend arriving 10 minutes early if this is your first visit to our office. Please arrive with a dry body. Remove lotions, deodorant, makeup, perfumes, and jewelry.  Prior to your session, refrain from liquids and food one hour before your treatment.


Colon Hydrotherapy + BELD

One Session $200
Three Sessions $550



Reseting your body systems with a combination of BELD – Bio-Electric Lymphatic Drainage Massage, and Colon Hydrotherapy returns us the our original nature, toxin free. This is an excellent full body detoxification, beneficial in the removal of toxins, waste and mucus. Homeostasis returns when the body is nurtured back to wellness within. This is an excellent cleanse following a physical setback like an illness or surgery, compromised auto-immune, or reseting your body systems after years of falling behind in healthy eating habits and lifestyle.

This treatment takes 110 minutes. We recommend arriving 10 minutes early if this is your first visit to our office for paper work. Please remove jewelry, refrain from lotions, makeup, and deodorants prior to your session, and refrain from eating and drinking one hour prior to your appointment.