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When you explore the services at Clenz you’ll find therapies such as colon hydrotherapy, lymphatic drainage, post-op lipo-lymphatic therapy, and the Reset-Clenz.

Colon hydrotherapy, a warm and gentle rising of the colon has become very popular in the 21st century as more and more people search for natural remedies to medical issues. Though the practice dates back to 1300 CE when it was first noted in an ancient medical text, it’s apparently experiencing a revival. Colonics are more popular than ever, even winning the appreciation of the modern naturopathic community. 

Lymphatic drainage is another popular treatment at our wellness center used by many recovering from medications, surgery, and healing issues in general. The lymphatic system is important because it’s our other cleansing system that helps the body rid waste. It’s very useful when added to the colonic and we call this combination the Reset-Clenz. 

The Reset-Clenz is great because you get to address both cleansing systems in the body, at one time, and the entire treatment requires roughly one and a half hours. With the lymphatic treatment administered first, it sets up the second phase, rising the body of waste material. Clients report feeling great following the Reset-Clenz for weeks to follow. We believe it’s a great opportunity to set the body on a new path, and begin a healthier lifestyle.

Lymphatic drainage is also a great treatment for post-op liposuction recovery. Because of the circulation benefits, dead cells that get trapped in the body following a trauma such as surgery, and which also create the exaggerated inflammation and stiffness one feels, the body can recovery at a faster rate. This therapy calls for a more isolated approach, in particular the areas of the body that underwent surgery. A great note is the cleanliness factor as well as the pain-free factor, with clients reporting great results and a comforting experience.

Clenz has been serving the inland Los Angeles area, West Hollywood and Beverly Hills since 2017.  We’re a member of the International Colon Hydrotherapy Association, requiring of it members a deeper education, and our therapist are trained and certified in best wellness practices, colon hydrotherapy, digestive health, nutrition coaching, and the lymphatic system.

When you visit our wellness center you’ll find a warm and friendly environment, a clean and fresh atmosphere, and that your privacy and comfort are a top priority. Located in the Wilshire-La Brea vicinity, it’s easy and convenient for parking and the community is welcoming with quaint little restaurants, juice and coffee bars.

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Colon Hydrotherapy


Gravity Colonics

50 Minutes

Includes Infrared Boost

The Reset-Clenz

Colonic & Lymphatic Drainage Therapy

90 Minutes

Lymphatic Drainage and Colon Hydrotherapy

Includes Infrared Boost

Lymphatic Drainage Therapy

Lymphatic Drainage Therapy

45 Minutes

High-Technology Lymphatic Stimulation 


Lipo-Lymphatic Therapy

Targeted For Liposuction Recovery

45 Minutes

High-Technology Lymphatic Stimulation

For LIPO-Aftercare 





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