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3 Ways Colonics Can Help With Constipation

3 ways colonic can help with constipaiton
admin Apr 21, 2022

3 Ways Colonics Can Help With Constipation

In this article we’re going to discuss 3 ways colonics can help with constipation.


A subject few like to discuss.


But first, let’s begin with some basic knowledge.



What is Constipation?



Contrary to popular belief, constipation is a symptom – not a disease,


and it simply means you’re having a hard time emptying your bowels.


So what causes it …



Different Types of Constipation



Number (1) is simple constipation, a temporary interruption of your normal bowel movements,

and most likely caused by bad food or lifestyle disruptions, such as flying. 



Number (2) is chronic constipation, and as the name suggests, can be a long-lasting,

and continue for years if untreated, and usually linked to poor diet and exercise.



However, in some cases, chronic constipation can also be linked to poor bowel function, such a weak peristalsis,  or muscle contractions.



And number (3)  is IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome) which can bring about bothersome symptoms, 

causing the bowel to alternate between stages of constipation and diarrhea.



But thankfully, through colon hydrotherapy, many IBS cases have reported dramatic improvement in symptoms.



How Colonics Can Help With Constipation



If you’ve been suffering from constipation of any kind and can’t seem to find an answer, it could be time to look into colon hydrotherapy.


With roots tracing back thousands of years, colon hydrotherapy is a time tested natural treatment that can offer enormous benefits.



Such as …



1.  Improved Digestion



Because the colon is responsible for processing and expelling solid waste, over time, the gut can become sluggish if things aren’t properly functioning. 



Not only does this result in harder stools that are difficult to pass,

but it also means your body isn’t fully absorbing nutrients, due to constipation.



That said, Colon Hydrotherapy can help loosen waste build-up, allowing the colon to function properly.



2. Remove toxins and harmful bacteria



Another common culprit of constipation is the presence of a toxic environment in the colon. 


Not only does waste build-up slow the passage of fecal matter, but it also creates the perfect home for bad bacteria to thrive. 


When left untreated, bacteria can greatly affect the bowel’s ability to function and deal with toxins. 


All of these factors result in an unhealthy, slow-moving digestive system. 


Colonics work by cleaning the bowels, ridding your system of harmful bacteria, and allowing for the proper elimination of toxins. 


Therefore, by restoring gut balance, your digestive system will be able to process waste much more efficiently.



3. Reset your gut biome



In the colon, there are literally trillions of beneficial bacteria (known and flora) that all work together in helping the colon digest food and expel the waste. 


In some cases, even if your colon is relatively clean and free of waste build-up, an unbalanced biome can result in constipation. 


When bad bacteria begin to outnumber the beneficial bacteria, your colon can experience difficulty digesting food effectively. 


Can you guess what happens next? 


That’s right, everything slows down and you may even start to feel bloated. 



In Conclusion


Colon Hydrotherapy can work like a reset button, allowing the body’s natural flora to take control again. 


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