When you explore the wellness services available at Clenz, you’ll find open-system colon hydrotherapy, lymphatic detoxification, and liposuction aftercare.


Our services utilize natural protocols that can improve digestion, jump start health goals, boost immunity, and help those recovering from medical trauma.


This includes post cosmetic reconstruction surgeries as well as any trauma related surgeries involving chemo and radiation rehabilitation.


Both lymphatic drainage therapy and colon hydrotherapy can facilitate homeostasis,


the body working in harmony to heal itself.


What is Colon Hydrotherapy & Lymphatic Drainage


The purpose of colon hydrotherapy is to gently rinse clean our colon with purified water,


where as, lymphatic drainage therapy is known for encouraging toxic removal in our fluids, tissue, and organs, via the lymphatic system.


Used together, it’s called the  “Reset-Clenz”, and can be a perfect treatment for reversing a toxic body.


Other services we offer 


Lipo-lymphatic drainage therapy is a perfect treatment following liposuction or any cosmetic reconstruction procedure, for that matter.


Such as Gynecomastia, the removal of excessive breast tissue in men.


Surgical procedures stress our body, creating edema (acute fluid swelling), Serums (fluid bumps or waves), bruising and scar tissue (dead harden tissue), as a result.


These symptoms can be quite discomforting.


By using lymphatic drainage therapy, you can speed up recovery, quickly reducing these symptoms.


What colonic system do we use


Our FDA regulated open-system is gravity based, and considered very gentle and less intrusive than other available systems.


The open system provides a more modest and natural experience, similar to going potty at home.


Our water is purified with natural minerals, as well as, UV light, which kills bacteria and viruses on contact, insuring utmost safety.


Customers report amazing comfort with our cozy facility, top quality beds and relaxing music, adding to their experience.


How can I schedule an appointment


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