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Auto-intoxication and Colon Hydrotherapy

Colon Hydrotherapy
admin Jul 15, 2021

Auto-intoxication and Colon Hydrotherapy

Auto-intoxication and colon hydrotherapy, what should I know? 



More people today are complaining about auto-intoxication symptoms than ever before. 




And more and more doctors believe leaky gut and gut permeability can be a root cause.



Our gut can increase stress to our body with the harmful overgrowth of bad bacteria and other toxins.



How does auto-intoxication happen



Auto-intoxication is a leaky gut that can facilitate the re-entry of toxins into our blood via the large intestine, also called the colon.




According to Dr Mark Hyman and Dr Axe, both Naturopath Doctors,



people are eating terrible foods, added with environmental factors, and guts are in stress.



And according to them, though many variables may be involved,  it’s  much to do with a healthy gut biome and the roll of  good bacteria.




They say, the roll good bacteria in our gut are numerous, and the lack of them, problematic.




Why is this



This is because beneficial bacteria live peacefully with other other organisms in the gut, and together support waste removal.



And because of this important function, we experience better digestion.



But when organisms are out of balance, they say, a digestive system is no longer efficient.



And side effects such as gas, bloating, burping, acid stomach, and constipation, are some of the first signs.



Can colonics help



If this sounds like you, a colonic is an option, as it rinses out the colon.



But to completely reverse the trend of leaky gut, a good diet is paramount, and every doctor will endorse that!




Today multiple Naturopathic doctors like Dr Mark Hyman and Dr Axe agree,



that the gut needs a healthy supply of good bacteria to preform it’s function of elimination.



And what does good bacteria need to be abundant



Healthy food!



In particular, the green leaves in our salads feed our healthy bacteria.



See article here https://cdhf.ca/health-lifestyle/gut-bacteria-and-leafy-greens/



In conclusion



Our mission at Clenz is to assist the body in regaining its optimal health, 



by providing both colon hydrotherapy and lymphatic drainage.



Colon hydrotherapy (the rinsing of the large intestine), and lymphatic drainage (the movement of interstitial fluids),



can be supportive in the removal of stagnant waste.







Leaky Gut Syndrome: 7 Signs You May Have It





Clenz does not prescribe, advise, treat or cure any medical disease or disorder.


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