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Auto-intoxication and Colon Hydrotherapy

Colon Hydrotherapy
admin Jul 15, 2021

Auto-intoxication and Colon Hydrotherapy

What does auto-intoxication and colon hydrotherapy have in common?


Let’s investigate.


Auto-intoxication, according to naturopathic doctors, is a dirty gut that can facilitate unpleasant symptoms in our body.


Dr Mark Hyman and Dr Axe, both Naturopath doctors, say that the roll good bacteria in our gut are numerous.


More importantly they say, digestion needs beneficial bacteria to properly function.


Beneficial bacteria live peacefully with other other organisms in the gut, and together aid in waste removal.


Because of this function we can live much healthier lives.


But when organisms are out of balance, they say, a digestive system is no longer efficient.


Side effects such as gas, bloating, burping, acid stomach, and constipation are some of the first signs.


Aka auto-intoxication, the body causing itself harm.


If this sounds like you, a colonic has great potential to reset your gut and point you in a better direction.


But to completely reverse the trend of auto-intoxication, a good diet is paramount, and every doctor will endorse that!


Today multiple Youtube Naturopathic doctors like Dr Mark Hyman, agree that the gut needs a health supply of good bacteria to preform the function of elimination.


And what does good bacteria need to be abundant, healthy food!


Yes, green leaves in your salads feed the healthy bacteria and they prosper.


Greens such as spinach, kale, chard, and wheatgrass, to name a few.


Clenz wants to assist the body in regaining its optimal health, that’s our mission.


Through our colon hydrotherapy, a rinsing of the large intestine and lymphatic drainage, movement of fluids, old waste can hit the road.


Good luck and be well!


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