Benefits of colon hydrotherapy


Why is beneficial gut bacteria important


Benefits of colon hydrotherapy and the roll of good bacteria in our gut are numerous.


Our gut, also known as our colon or large intestine, is a vital part of digestion and needs beneficial bacteria to function



Beneficial bacteria live peacefully with other other organisms in the gut, and together aid in digestion.


And because of this function, we live healthier lives, and avoid toxin buildup.


What are the signs of a bad gut


Dysbiosis is a sign of a bad gut and gut organisms gone wild.


When organisms are out of line, a digestive system is no longer efficient.


Side effects such as gas, bloating, burping, acid stomach, and constipation are some of the first signs.


What causes difficult digestion


Difficult digestion can be caused by many things, but a poor diet is usually at the core.


Number one is toxic food usage, which starve our beneficial bacteria, making digestion difficult.


Beneficial bacteria rely on a constant supply of healthy foods.


What should I do if I have digestive issues


If these issues ring a bell, it’s could be time to clean your colon.


Other signs are fatigue, skin issues, sleep issues and depressed mood.


And most beneficial, to counter these issues, is a colonic, also known as colon hydrotherapy.


And switching to a greener diet, following your treatment, can benefit healthier digestion.


What is colon hydrotherapy


Colon Hydrotherapy is a procedure that uses filtered water to rinse the colon of toxins, harmful entities, and old waste.


Is colon hydrotherapy safe


It’s very safe, and practiced thousands of years.


Colonics are also gaining wider acceptance due to social media, and the spread of positive stories.


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In conclusion


In conclusion, a clean gut, fortified with beneficial bacteria, can be vital to healthy digestion, and the absorption of

essential nutrients.