Business Opportunities In Electro Lymphatic Therapy


Welcome to Business Opportunities In Electro Lymphatic Therapy.


Hi, I’m Carol James, the owner of Clenz.


Included in my therapy practice is Digestive Health, Colon Hydrotherapy, Lymphatic Drainage Therapy, and I’m the authorized distributor of the Electro Lymphatic Therapy device, “Inspiration”.


For half a decade I’ve treated clients with ELT (Electro Lymphatic Therapy), and experienced first hand the positive outcomes of noble gas ion technology, the “Inspiration” device.


In the field of wellness, detoxification, and recovery, natural treatments that assist a wide range of health issues are on the rise.


And Electro Lymphatic Therapy is definitely one of them.


ELT cleans our fluids, cells, and tissue, and, assists in quicker surgical recovery.


And it’s 100% natural.


Here are a few, first-hand, positive outcomes, that I’ve experienced:

  • Lyme Disease (Dye-off removal and fluid cleanse following IV blood oxygenation transfusion)
  • Reduce Fibrin (Breaks down fibrin collection in breast, uterine, ovaries)
  • Cyst (Breaks down cyst)
  • Liposuction Recovery (Quickly reduces swelling, dissolves seromas bumps, waves and hard knots, relaxes tense tissue, reduces bruising, and dense scar tissue)
  • Reducing Inflammation
  • Boost Immunity (Epstein Barr Virus, Hashimoto Disease, Fibromyalgia)
  • Medical Detox  (Chemo/Radiation, prescription drugs, recent surgery)
  • Part Of A Full Body Detox Followed By A Colonic (For fatigue, slow digestion, constipation, skin issues, insomnia, poor mood)
  • For more details about the full body cleanse, see Reset-Clenz


By adding ELT to my practice, a new layer of revenue was created.

Especially in liposuction recovery, as patients requires on average 3 treatments.

And combining ELT with our colonic for a  full body detox, is a super winner.

To find out more about Lymphatic Drainage, or how Electro Lymphatic Therapy can benefit you and your business;

Contact: Carol James (323) 206-2282


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