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Calm Your Belly

admin Mar 1, 2019

Calm Your Belly

Updated: Dec 2, 2018


When we’re relaxed, our parasympathetic nervous system is turned on, and the sympathetic nervous system is switched off. The parasympathetic nervous system results in a relaxed and calm state, while the sympathetic nervous system excites the body and makes it stressed.


It also increases blood pressure, increases the heart rate, causes the mouth to get dry, suppresses digestion, and suppresses the immune system.

We can control which system is turned on through meditation and breathing techniques. Practicing breathing techniques tricks the mind into sudden relaxation, switching the parasympathetic state on and resulting in a healthier digestive system.


Deepening your exhale is the quickest way to switch the body into relaxation mode.


Inhale for four counts, hold the inhale for two counts, and exhale for six counts. If this is too difficult, simply inhale for two counts and exhale for four. Do this for as long as you’d like, but at least five minutes.


Read the full article from Dr. Ghannoum, my go to for gut advice! https://biohmhealth.com/blogs/news/breathing-techniques-to-calm-your-belly-1

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