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Colon Hydrotherapy

Colon Hydrotherapy - Improve health by removing toxins, fecal waste, bacteria and fungal overgrowth Book online or call today
admin Mar 1, 2019

Colon Hydrotherapy

Colon hydrotherapy or colonics, is the gentle cleansing of the lower bottom bowel.


Also known as the colon or large intestine.



What is the colon responsible for?


Did you know that water and key nutrients are produced and absorbed through the large intestine?


And precious microflora exist there too.


And our residing bacteria also play a key roll in nutrient production, as well as digestion.


Basically it has three main functions; storage, nutrient production, and absorption.


All of these components play a key roll in over all health.



How does it work?




The treatment works with a gentle infusion of purified water into the colon.


The therapist fills the colon with warm water, and then the client releases the water, along with the toxins, waste, gas and mucus.


And this process of fill and release repeats over and over, flushing the colon clean.



Can a colonic detox your body?



Simply put, yes and no. It will clean up the colon to be sure.


Which has enormous health effects.


But toxins also reside in our tissues and cells.


Therefore, combining a colonic with lymphatic drainage would be a whole-body cleanse.


However, the colon is a repository of waste and other toxic entities, such as bad bacteria, yeast and mucus.


And unaddressed, these toxins can re-enter our blood stream, and flow back into our cells, called auto-intoxication.



Does it hurt?



For a vast majority of individuals who receive colonics, the procedure is pain free.


However, a minor discomfort can be felt during the insertion of the nozzle into the rectum.


And during your treatment, you may feel slight cramping as smooth muscle is activated.


And though very infrequent, clients may suffer nausea.


However, most love the experience, and feel immediately improved following their treatment.



Is it Safe?



Colon hydrotherapy is very safe when performed by a qualified therapist.


We only staff certified therapist and use FDA approved medical devices for the procedure.


And all equipment is frequently sterilized or disposable, and water purified.



What about “friendly bacteria” being lost?



Healthy intestinal flora are present throughout the small and large intestine.


Colon hydrotherapy only helps to improve their habitat.


However, we encourage eating following a colonic to facilitate the bacterial migration.


You can also entertain a probiotic.



Is it embarrassing?



Not in my opinion.


Shit happens, hahaha.


That said, your dignity is always maintained with proper draping, in a private room.



How many treatments will I need?



How many treatments will I need is the most common question, that I hear.


And every person is different.


So, for me, there’s no standard number of treatments that are recommended.


Instead, we suggest booking a single treatment initially.


And then, discuss with your therapist, if more are needed.


However, we’ve found, that a course of 3 treatments, over an initial 2-3 weeks, produces best results, for beginners.


And, if you’ve been constipated a long time.



How should I prepare for the colonic?



We recommend refraining from food and liquids two hour prior to treatment.



What happens during a colonic?



The procedure starts with the client lying on a comfortable therapy table.


The client gently inserts a small disposable speculum into the rectum. (We only use completely sterile, disposable tools during the procedure.)


The therapy begins with a gentle flow of purified water to allow the colon fill.


And the treatment is a series of fills and releases until the colon is clean.



How will I feel afterwards?



Colonics have a “relieved” effect.


There may also be a feeling of lightness and internal cleanliness.


And people are often energized for weeks following.



How can I schedule an appointment?



Click here to book online Schedule Appointment



Or call us today at (323) 206 – 2282.

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