What is colon hydrotherapy


Colon Hydrotherapy, also called a colonic, is a natural process of rinsing the large intestine with purified water to remove toxins.


It’s a treatment that dates back to early Egyptian cultures.


And due to increased awareness of the benefits, it’s experiencing a popular resurgence.


Why is colon hydrotherapy beneficial


Our bodies can struggle because ever increasing toxic substances in our food and environment are invading us.


Also, digestive issues can appear when entertaining a diet rich in refined sugars and highly processed foods.


These issues begin with constipation, waste buildup, excess gas and bloat, creating a potentially toxic colon.


And as a result, these toxins from your colon can return to your bloodstream, effecting us negatively.


Is colon hydrotherapy painful


One of the most common questions asked about colon hydrotherapy is, is it painful?


Simply put, colon hydrotherapy is not painful.


However, you may feel brief and minor discomfort as the nozzle slips into position.


And occasionally a few reports cramping sensations from gas, though short lasting.


It’s normal to feel trepidation, but your practitioner is there to guide you through and provide comfort.


That said, for most, colon hydrotherapy is a comfortable experience that can yield a wonderful boost in energy,

clarity, and mental balance.


How do I prepare for a colonic


Colonics are easy to prepare for and only require a few steps.


To prep for your treatment, refrain from food and liquids two hours before your appointment.


However, if needed, small sips of water are safe.


Following treatment, people respond well with a probiotic and green smoothie to further benefit their newly clean biome.


And to increase your experience, add lymphatic drainage therapy, together called the Reset-Clenz, and reap the benefits.


How can I schedule an appointment


You can make an appointment online by clicking Request Appointment


Or call  (323) 206 – 2282