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Colonics & Liver Health

Colonics & Liver Health
admin Jan 1, 2021

Colonics & Liver Health















Are Colonics & Liver Health connected?


The answer is undeniably yes.


Our poor liver has about 500 functions, and regular Colonics can be beneficial.


Relieving it of working overtime on clean up!



What are the signs of a digestive system in stress?



Fatigue is usually the first sign, according to experts.


As well as toxin overload, constipation, poor mood, insomnia, skin rashes and weight gain.



What can I do to keep myself from toxic overload?



Simply put, cleanse!


You’re entire world could change.


A consistently dirty colon can cause auto-intoxication, the body poisoning itself.



What are some of my cleansing choices?



There are many great choices, but a reset cleanse is a great beginning.


Which is the cleansing of our tissue, fluids, and colon.


Achieved through colonics and lymphatic drainage.



After I cleanse, what should I do?



Eat healthy foods!


And those beneficial to liver health.


Great starters would be avocado, lemon, apple, walnut, garlic, turmeric, and green tea.



And what should I avoid?



Heavy alcohol consumption being #1, sugar, gluten, and saturated fats.


And foods like fast food, fried food, desserts, and processed meats, are a disaster.


As well as processed  low level foods such as cereal, donuts, and sugary yogurts.


And if food is sealed in a package by a machine, I try to stay away from it completely.


Even if it says organic.


So drill down on ingredients.



How do I achieve a full body cleanse?


By cleansing the lymphatic system and the colon.


To learn more about how these two cleanses work in concert, see our Reset-Clenz.



Colonics & Liver Health



In summary, Colonics & Liver Health are very connected, and the health of one benefits the other.



How can I make an appointment?



Simply make an appointment here, or call (323) 206-2282


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