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Colonics The Gut Therapy For Skin

Colonic, the gut therapy for skin
admin Nov 7, 2022

Colonics The Gut Therapy For Skin

Colonics, the gut therapy for skin, consists of a technique in which water is used to rinse out toxins and waste matter from the large intestine.


This is great news, as colonics are natural and medications are not involved.


So let’s see what the research says.



Historical Factors


Historically, colon cleansing was a routine part of a medical practice according to Jason Derico, ND (Naturppathic Medical Doctor).


He points out that doctors, centuries ago, understood the colon as an elimination organ for the body’s waste and toxins.


Additionally, if these toxins were not effectively eliminated, they tended to accumulate in the body, causing mild toxicities.


As well, the naturopathic medical discipline associates these toxicities with symptoms such as fatigue, headaches, joint pain, and skin issues.


Naturopathic doctors have traditionally believed that by treating these underlying toxicities, optimal health may be restored.


Including improvements in skin texture and appearance.


Over the past decade, many researchers have explored the relationship between gut and skin health.


And, this research has allowed us to glean further insights into the effects of a colon rinse on our skin.



What is the gut-skin-axis



This connection, commonly known as the “Gut-Skin Axis” signifies that the nature of our gut – how bacteria grow and flourish – affects our immune system and skin health.


Early studies have explored how gut health plays a role in inflammatory skin conditions, such as atopic dermatitis (eczema) and systemic sclerosis, according to NCBI.



What should I expect in a colonic



If you decide you want to try a colonic treatment, there are a few things you should expect.

First, it is mainly pain free.


Typically you will lie on a table or colonic bed while filtration equipment is used to administer the water that flows in and out of your body.


For the most part, this is a simplistic treatment, and a well trained therapist will assist you through the procedure.



What does Clenz offer



At Clenz, we use open system colonics, and added to your treatment is an abdominal lymphatic boost.


We also offer the Reset-Clenz, a combination of lymphatic drainage therapy followed by a colonic.



In Conclusion



More and more, studies assessing the “gut-skin axis” in various skin conditions are emerging with more studies on the horizon.


And what seems promising is that a flourishing and diverse gut microbial population may support skin health.






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