ELT Benefits


  • Tissue Detoxification (Heavy metals, chemicals, environmental pollution, bio-toxins, food toxins)
  • Medical Detox (Chemo/radiation, antibiotic, opiod, steroid and surgical cleanse)
  • Breast Health (Fibrin prevention)
  • Reproductive Health (Fribin, fibroids, and cysts prevention)
  • Bio-toxins (Lyme, mold, spider bite detox)
  • Liposuction Recovery (Reduce swelling, tense tissue, scar tissue and fluid bumps)
  • Boost Immunity (Hashimoto Disease, Epstein Barr, Psoriasis)
  • Decrease Inflammation (The precursor to dis-ease)
  • Boost Stagnant Lymph (From lack of exercise, recent surgery, slow metabolism)