Liposuction Aftercare

Liposuction Aftercare


At Clenz we provide liposuction aftercare.


In our center we use a high technology therapy that treats


traumatized tissue following cosmetic surgery.


And the best news,


is that its pain free.


Hear what clients have reported back to me ….


  • Relaxed tense and soar tissue 
  • Reduced swelling 
  • Diminished seromas
  • Diminished scar tissue & bruising
  • Improved mobility


When should I begin liposuction aftercare


Right away and in the first week, according to surgeons.


And quit possibly two sessions in the first week, if you’ve affected several locations.


However, your doctor should be the one to direct you.


How many treatments should I get


It varies depending upon the number of areas affected, your health, and age.


That said, most cases have required three to six treatments.

What should I expect 


You should expect quick results and a relaxing pain free experience.


How can I contact you about liposuction aftercare


Easily book online at


Or call us at (323) 206-2282