Liposuction After Care


Lymphatic Drainage Therapy

Clenz is a leading wellness provider in liposuction aftercare.

At the center you will find one of the best technologies available for recovery in this arena.

Clenz Lipo-lymphatic drainage therapy uses high frequency noble gas ionized technology.

And in my experience,  the best treatment available for liposuction recovery today.




Reduce intense pressure and soreness

Ushers out inflammation and swelling

Break-down of dense serous fluid

Erase scar tissue

Dissolves damaged cells

Remove clogged debris


When should I begin?


Right away in my opinion.


And quit possibly two in the first week if you’ve affected several locations.


In my experience, the longer you wait, dead cells will stabilize and become more difficult to break up.


But the main reason to begin right away is to relieve the intense discomfort from swelling.


And return to mobility.


Another common question is the number of treatments needed


It varies depending upon the number of areas affected, your health, and age.


That said, most cases have required three treatments.


A testimony to the effectiveness of this technology.


What should I expect from this treatment you may wonder?


You should expect quick results and a relaxing pain free experience.


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