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Low Immunity

Low Immunity
admin Apr 29, 2019

Low Immunity

Low Immunity: The Importance Of Detoxing Our Body Of Harmful Waste and Toxins

Enhance your immune system and remove toxins with  Colon Hydrotherapy and Bio-electric Lymphatic Drainage (BELD).

Does your body require cleansing? Of course! Top indications of a clogged and toxic system are allergies, constipation, weight gain, depressed mood, fatigue, digestive dyspepsia and low immunity.A group of symptoms that often include bloating, gas discomfort, and burping is knowns as dyspepsia.

If you’re feeling any of this, it’s time to cleanse. Detoxification is the procedure of refining the body from toxins, harmful parasites, and wastes that are not expelled by
the colon during stool removal. However, this is very significant because disinfecting the body on the
inside because detoxing your colon and tissue is instrumental in overall health. Furthermore it paramount in maintaining strong and active immunity.

A full body cleanse facilitates in moving faecal matter and other unnecessary elements such as toxic interstitial fluid, gut mucus, bad bacteria, parasites and toxins, to the rectum for elimination. Faecal material can hold a variety of undesired toxins as the colon works as a repository to handle the waste. It becomes indispensable to have it cleansed to function effectively. By the way remember The cleaner the colon, the higher your immunity, the better nutrient absorption, and healthier homeostasis. The ability or tendency to maintain internal stability in an organism to compensate for environmental changes is known as homeostasis.

Colon Hydrotherapy- BELD

Colon Hydrotherapy with Bio-electric Lymphatic drainage (BELD) are most effective in the detoxification of the human anatomy. However, they also accomplished naturally without the use of invasive drugs. Lymphatic drainage nourishes each cell and organ in our body throughout a network of ducts, vessels, and nodes. Consequently, they stir and allocate fluid through the lymphatic network and as a rule colon hydrotherapy cleans and resets the large intestine.

Together with, BELD and colon hydrotherapy rinse and cleanse tissue, aid in cellular repair, usher out interstitial toxic debris. In addition to that, they also clean the gut of excessive faecal waste and toxins that leach slowly back into our system.

Let us summarize the benefits

Reported benefits from Bio-Electric Lymphatic Drainage (BELD) and Colon Hydrotherapy are:

  • Better immunity & mood
  • Inflammation gets reduce
  • Increase in clarity and energy
  • Joint discomfort become less
  • Decreased bloating and gas
  • Improved skin, healthier digestion and gut flora


As a result, these two holistic treatments along with a healthy diet and moderate exercise will improve your immune system, you’ll experience better health, and better quality of life.

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