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Lymphatic Drainage For Liposuction

Lipo Recovery
admin Feb 13, 2022

Lymphatic Drainage For Liposuction

Many people discover lymphatic drainage for liposuction following a surgical procedure.



It’s a well know treatment, and commonly advised by most surgeons.






Why is lymphatic drainage for liposuction effective



As with all surgery, damaged tissue can cause the body to produce excess fluid, called edema.


And this excessive swelling can be very uncomfortable.


Therefore expedited draining can be helpful.


And lymphatic drainage therapy can be excellent for this.



What are some common issues following liposuction



Following liposuction surgery fluid pockets can appear,


as well as, scar tissue and bruising.



(This according to Dr. Axe, co-founder of Ancient Nutrition and I’ll 


post his article at the bottom of our discussion).



According to Dr Axe, a Seroma (dense fluid bump) is



  • A complication that can occur as a result of surgery when fluids build up in your body tissues or an organ.
  • A seroma looks like a lump or cyst that’s right under the surface of the skin. It may feel tender, warm to the touch and may even become painful.
  • Most seromas are caused by a surgical procedure that involves moving or disrupting body tissue. During surgery, blood and lympathic vessels are damaged and fluid from these vessels leak out into the body’s tissues, forming a collection or lump.
  • Drainage tubes are typically used in and around the incision area to avoid seromas, but they can occur anyway. Many times, small seromas will resolve on their own, but sometimes aspiration or frequent draining is necessary.
  • Five natural ways to help get rid of a seroma include applying heat, elevating the affected area and limiting activity, keeping the area clean, taking care of your drainage tubes and using compression garments.



How does lymphatic drainage work



At our office we use a high technology device, that’s completely painless, 


targeting the areas of trauma, by a certified therapist.



How many treatments will I need



Most patients average 3 to 4 treatments per affected area.


That said, every recovery is different, and your doctor will most likely consult you.



How should I arrive



The manufacturer of the product recommends clients arrive with a dry body, meaning no lotion, makeup, deodorant or jewelry.


As well as, refrain from food and liquid one hour prior to treatment.



How can I make an appointment



Simply call (323) 206-2282 or you can schedule online here Request Appointment







What’s a Seroma? (Plus, 5 Natural Ways to Help Get Rid of a Seroma)




Clenz does not prescribe, advise, treat or cure any medical disease or disorder.

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