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Lymphatic Drainage For Liposuction

Lipo Recovery
admin Feb 13, 2022

Lymphatic Drainage For Liposuction

Many people discover lymphatic drainage for liposuction following a surgical procedure,

swimming in discomfort.


Why is lymphatic drainage for liposuction effective


As with all surgery, damaged tissue can cause the body to produce excess fluid.


And this excessive inflammation can be very uncomfortable.


Therefore expedited draining can be helpful.


And lymphatic drainage therapy can be excellent for this.



What are some common issues following liposuction



Following surgery, fluid pockets can appear.


As well as, dense scar tissue that form around the surgical incisions.


These lumpy waves, bumps, scar tissue and bruising can vary, depending upon your body’s reaction to the surgery.


But worry not, each of these side-effects can be addressed.



How does lymphatic drainage work



Our lymphatic drainage therapy uses high technology gas and light,


targeting the areas of trauma, by a certified therapist.



How many treatments will I need



Most patients average 3 to 4  treatments per affected area.


That said, every recovery is different, and your doctor will most likely consult you.



How should I arrive



For best results, clients should arrive with a dry body, meaning no lotion, makeup, deodorant or jewelry.


As well as, refrain from food and liquid one hour prior to treatment.



How can I make an appointment



Simply call (323) 206-2282 or you can schedule online here Request Appointment

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