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Lymphatic Drainage & Liposuction Recovery

Lymphatic Drainage For Liposuction And Post Surgical Recovery; Gynecomastia, Liposuction, Tummy Tuck, Mommy Make-over, Thigh Lift
admin Apr 8, 2019

Lymphatic Drainage & Liposuction Recovery

Lymphatic Drainage & Liposuction Recovery


In matters of body contouring surgery, Lymphatic Drainage & Liposuction Recovery, go hand-in-hand.


With deep cellular penetration capabilities, lymphatic drainage therapy is effective, hygienic, and the leading recovery treatment for liposuction.


And, additionally used following  Tummy Tucks, Mommy Make-overs, Fat Grafting, and Gynecomastia (male breast reduction), procedures.


Why is lymphatic drainage so effective?


As with all surgery, damaged tissue can cause the body to produce excess lymph fluid.


Thus, draining is required, to relieve swelling and discomfort.


Lymphatic drainage therapy is excellent for removing excess fluid.


And, in many cases, a fluid pocket known as a Seroma can appear in multiple locations, following liposuction.


As well as, dense scar tissue that form around the surgical incisions.


Depending upon the areas treated for fat removal, various degrees of lumps, bumps, scar tissue and bruising, can occur.


But worry not, each of these side-effects can be successfully addressed.


And you’ll see the fruits of your labor soon.


How does lymphatic drainage work?


Lymphatic drainage therapy uses an advanced technique that reduces edema, breaks up fluid collection, scar tissue and bruising.


This is normally a common function of the lymphatic system, but difficult to achieve without the aid of therapy, due to stress and painful tissue following surgery.


Our technique uses a high frequency, light-generated-device, that targets the areas of trauma and is applied purposely, by a certified therapist.


How many treatments will I need?


Most patients require 1 to 3 treatments, however that number can increase depending upon the number of areas affected, though rare.


That said, every recovery is different, and your doctor will most like consult you in this area if needed.


Even with less invasive procedures like laser liposuction, some patients still experience a degree of tissue disruption.


However, the less invasive, fewer treatments may be needed.


How should I arrive?


For best results, clients should arrive with a dry body, meaning no lotion, makeup, deodorant or jewelry.




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