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Lymphatic Drainage & Liposuction Recovery

admin Apr 8, 2019

Lymphatic Drainage & Liposuction Recovery

Lymphatic Drainage & Liposuction Recovery


Many people discover lymphatic drainage for their recovery following liposuction.


That’s because lymphatic drainage & liposuction recovery go together like a hand and glove.


And hallelujah for that.


Because if you’ve just completed surgery, you probably feel like a train wreck.


Why is lymphatic drainage so effective?


As with all surgery, damaged tissue can cause the body to produce excess fluid.


And this can be very painful.


Therefore draining is required.


And lymphatic drainage therapy is excellent for this.


Additionally, fluid pockets can appear.


As well as, dense scar tissue that form around the surgical incisions.


And your lumps, bumps, scar tissue and bruising can vary.


Depending upon your body.


But worry not, for each of these side-effects can be addressed successfully.


Using Electro Lymphatic Therapy.


And you’ll see your results sooner than later.


How does lymphatic drainage work?


Our lymphatic drainage therapy uses an advanced technology.


Which targets the areas of trauma when applied purposely, by a certified therapist.


Which reduces pain associated with swelling.


As well as dissolving dense fluid pockets, scar tissue and bruising.


How many treatments will I need?


With ELT most patients only need 1 to 3 treatments.


However, depending upon the number of areas treated, more may be required.


That said, every recovery is different, and your doctor will most likely consult you in this area.


Even with less invasive procedures like laser liposuction, patients will experience some distress.


In this case, fewer treatments are needed.


How should I arrive?


For best results, clients should arrive with a dry body, meaning no lotion, makeup, deodorant or jewelry.


And refrain from food and liquid one hour prior to treatment.


How can I make an appointment?


Simply call (323) 206-2282 or you can schedule on line at www.clenz.la.



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