Holistic Detoxification

What are the signs of toxic overload?


Signs of toxic overload can be low immunity, and a lymphatic detox can be most helpful.

Other signs include fatigue, insomnia, allergies, and even poor mood.

And situations like extreme exposure to medications, such as chemo and radiation, can also be responsible.

As well as long term use of Antibiotics and Opioids.

Leaving us filled with toxins.

But fear not because ELT is a wonderful lymphatic detox.

And will usher out stagnant waste.

And by using ELT, (Electro Lymphatic Therapy), along with colon hydrotherapy, a powerful full-body cleanse is created.


How does it work?


Lymphatic drainage using ELT relieves multiple symptoms.

It does so by rinsing tissue and fluids of toxins.

And releasing them through lymphatic channels.

While the colonic washes out this waste, as well as all the toxins in the colon.

And as a result,  renewed energy and balance, is restored.


Does lymphatic drainage therapy hurt?


If the term sounds frightful, rest assure, it’s neither painful nor scary.

Most patients report a soothing sensation during their session.

And go merrily about their daily routine.


How is the treatment administered?


The treatment itself is administer by a practitioner.

Using a handheld device.

And emitting a specific light energy field over the surface of the body.

This noble gas light ignites cellular respiration.

Stimulating the flow of fluids.

And bursting dense and stubborn particles into smaller entities.

Such as fibrin and scar tissue.


What are some of the benefits of  lymphatic drainage?


Lymphatic drainage has numerous benefits that include:


  • Tissue Detoxification (Metal, Environmental, BioToxins, Food Toxins)
  • Medical Detox (Chemo/Radiation, Antibiotic, Opiod, Steroid, Surgery)
  • Breast Health (Cyst)
  • Reproductive Health (Fribin, fibroids, cysts)
  • Biotoxins (Lyme, Mold, Spider Bites)
  • Liposuction Recovery (Reduce Swelling, tense tissue, scar tissue, fluid waves)
  • Boost Immunity (against Hashimoto Disease, Epstein Barr, Psoriasis)
  • Decrease Inflammation – the precursor to dis-ease
  • Boost Stagnant Lymph


How should I prepare?


Patients should arrive with a dry body, meaning, no lotions, perfumes, makeup, deodorant or jewelry.

Be as natural as possible.

However, certain conditions prevent treatment.

Such as persons with chronic disease, installed metal devises, or pacemakers, for example.

If you have concerns speak to our practitioners.



Are their contraindications to consider?


Yes, here’s an example:


  • Implanted medical devices (Such as a pacemaker)
  • Implanted metal rods, pins, coils or stunts
  • Pregnant
  • Organ Transplant
  • Hemorrhaging
  • Blood Thinner
  • Sever Cardiac Issues

How do I make an appointment?


Simply call (323) 206-2282 or make appointment here