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How Toxic Am I?

Lymphatic Drainage Therapy
admin Feb 1, 2021

How Toxic Am I?






The question is no longer “Am I toxic?”, but rather “How toxic am I?”


If you’re feeling over loaded with toxins, help is available through lymphatic drainage therapy.


What does lymphatic drainage do?


Lymphatic drainage therapy can reduce the danger of secondary injury caused by toxic buildup in our bodies.


This happens when we promote the flow of fluids rather than letting it sit stagnate.


As a result, we heal faster.


And in a post-surgical setting, lymphatic drainage can transport damaged cells and inflammation from the trauma site, also promoting faster healing.


What is Electro Lymphatic Therapy?


This amazing form of lymphatic drainage allows for movement in our deep lymphatic channels.


Effectively cleansing fluids, tissue and cells.


And this is great because clean cells can be our best defense against disease.


Who Benefits From Lymphatic Drainage Therapy?


After treating hundreds of patients with outstanding results, I’m convinced ELT is useful for recovery and restoring health.


Here’s a sample of patients that have benefited from lymphatic drainage therapy:


  • Lymphedema secondary to their primary disease like cancer
  • Post-op complications such as post lymph node dissection
  • Chemotherapy
  • Radiation
  • Surgical Trauma such as Liposuction
  • Chronic Illness
  • Viral Infections
  • Medication Toxicity
  • Food and Environmental Toxicity


As toxic entities move into the flow of fluids, through natural forces of energy, the healing process begins.


How do I know if I’m toxic?


This is a great question.


And the first sign is usually fatigue.


Then followed by anxiety, poor mood, lack of inspiration, and physical discomfort.


As many of these symptoms appear after a major set back, such a cancer or surgery, or decades of  poor diet.


Can any other natural treatments benefit my recovery?


Amazingly, the answer is yes.


It’s called the Reset-Clenz, and you can learn about it here.


But basically, the Reset-Clenz adds a colonic following your lymphatic treatment for a full body detoxification.


And clients love it.




Though the lymphatic system is not commonly talked about, it’s integral to good health.


Whether over-medicated from illness, recovering from cancer, or just bombarded with food and environmental toxins, lymphatic drainage therapy can get you back on track.


How do I schedule an appoint?


You can schedule online here or give us a call at (323) 206-2282.


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