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Lymphatic Drainage Therapy

Lymphatic Drainage Therapy - Improve Health
admin Mar 1, 2019

Lymphatic Drainage Therapy

Clean cells can be our best defense against disease, and Lymphatic Drainage Therapy can be quite helpful, to this.


Whether over-medicated from illness, or just bombarded with food and environmental toxins, a great cleanse could be lymphatic drainage.


Though the lymphatic system is not commonly talked about, it’s integral to good health.


And primary to cleansing tissue and fluids of toxic waste.


The lymphatic system is also responsible for transporting crucial lymph fluid, as well.


And this point is important because lymph fluid contains white blood cells, which are instrumental in fighting infection.



Why we get sick?



In my opinion, and not diagnosing here, I believe we get sick because of improper foods, and environmental toxins that invade us.


These toxins end up in our fluids that run throughout our tissue, blood, cells, interstitial spaces and lymphatic system.


This accumulation of toxic fluid flows over from cell to interstitial spaces between our cells causing inflammation.


And need to be removed regularly.


It is favored for cells that make up our organs be in a “dry state”,  for a healthy body.


Meaning very little space between them.


When we ingest things that our body cannot metabolize, excess toxins can become stuck between our cells in interstitial fluid.


And according to the International Academy of Lymphology, this fluid resides between the cells causing inflammation.


And possibly triggering an improper immune response.


The best way that the body can rid fluid overload is through vigorous exercise or through the lymphatic channels.


Therefore each of us needs to insure we are actively circulating their lymphatic system.



What To Expect



The therapist starts the session with a high frequency, energy device, gently brushing your body.


This device allows energy currents to move through skin, and deep into tissue.


The light is glided along the lymphatic system, creating circulation by stimulating electrons.


The electrons ignite cellular respiration, an action whereby the cell divides toxin from nutrient.


And toxic entities move into the flow of fluids, through natural forces for energy.


Then through lymphatic channels, debris and tiny particles breakdown, and waste is ushered out through the lymphatic network.


And into the large intestine for elimination.






People with electric devises such as a pacemaker, rods, pins, staples, or stunts, recent surgery or organ transplant cannot have this treatment.


Also excluding you would be major cardiac problems, blood thinner medication, hemorrhaging, or pregnant.


To insure safety, you’ll be asked to fill out an intake form, therfore, please come 10 minutes early for your first appointment, for your benefit.



How To Prepare



To prepare for your appointment, refrain from food and liquids one hour before treatment.


And remove jewelry, makeup, lotions and deodorant.


Call us today to make an appointment at (323) 206 -2282


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