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Gut Health And Colonics

Maintaing Gut Heath And The Benefits Of Colonics
admin Jun 5, 2020

Gut Health And Colonics

A diverse group of microbial’s are essential to gut health and colonics can play a valuable roll.


Why you may ask?


Because gut microbial’s harvest energy from foods, produce micronutrients, and protect our immunity.


They live in our gut and are called the microbiome.


And when we eat poorly, we upset our microbiome and adverse gut issues can occur. 


Which points to Hippocrates’ most famous statement; “All disease begins in the gut”.


Though this may not be completely true, Kris Gunnars BSc and founder of Authority Nutrition has this say;


“Though Hippocrates was incorrect in suggesting that all disease begins in your gut, evidence shows that many chronic metabolic diseases do”.


For instance, Gunners hypothesizes that diet-induced gut inflammation may trigger insulin issues.


As well as leptin resistance driving factors for type 2 diabetes.


It’s also believed to cause fatty liver disease, and obesity.


You can read the full article here by Kris here; https://www.healthline.com/nutrition/does-all-disease-begin-in-the-gut#your-gut



What is the microbiome



The large intestine  is called the “Gut Mircobiome”, and the gut microbiome describes all the microorganisms living in our colon.


It harbors trillions of entities which constitute more genome than all the human cells in the body and bacteria, archaea, viruses, and fungi, are among these.


Here’s what Dr Axe has to say about the gut microbiome;  www.draxe.com


  • Microbiota are the trillions of bacterial organisms that live inside our bodies. The  whole community of these bacteria is called the microbiome.
  • Our gut is a central location of the microbiome, where the large majority of bacteria live.
  • Poor gut health is tied to nearly every disease, because this is where much of our immune system lives and where inflammation often begins.
  • By improving your diet, eating plenty of anti-inflammatory foods and probiotics, lowering stress, and exercising regularly, you can support your body’s microbiome.


The importance of good bacteria



Most important to our system integrity is good gut bacteria according to doctors.


Because gut bacteria provide the first line of defense against pathogens, carcinogens, and other toxins, doctors report.


By converting food to nutrients, antioxidants thrive, and we’re better protected.


This is why you hear so much about good and bad bacteria, these days.


Large quantities of good bacteria are essential to maintain a healthy intestinal ecosystem, keeping bad bacteria in check.



Bringing it full circle



Therefore, if you’re feeling sluggish, off your game, bloated and constipated, quite possibly you have a gut in crisis.


And a series of colonics could  be a great first step to reversing this trend sooner rather than later.


Colonics rinse the large intestine, giving you a chance to clean it up.


And once the colon is clean again,  you can restore it.



What do colonics improve



Colonics are known for improving so much and below is just a small list of reports:


  • More Energy
  • Improved Clarity
  • Improved Skin 
  • Better Digestion
  • Less Bloating
  • Positive Mind
  • Better Sleep
  • Less Allegies


Can you think of a better reason to clean your colon?



References: Dr Axe at www.draxe.com,  Ann Wigmore @ Hipprocrates Institute, Kris Gunners BSc

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