Natural cleansing benefits

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Natural cleansing benefits


Offering natural cleansing services that improve digestion and various health related issues, is our mission at Clenz.


At the heart of these services lies colon hydrotherapy and lymphatic drainage massage.


Both services remove toxins and facilitate homeostasis, the body working in harmony, to heal itself.


How do they work?


Colon hydrotherapy rinses clean our colon with filter water, while bio-electric lymphatic massage drains toxic fluids from our tissue.


Used together is the  “Reset-Clenz”, perfect for combating low energy, and a powerful cleanse.


Other natural cleansing services


Lipo-lymphatic drainage is a perfect treatment following liposuction or any cosmetic procedure.


Surgical procedures stress our body, creating swelling, edema and scar tissue, as a result.


That can be quite discomforting because of tense and sore tissue.


And lipo-lymphatic drainage quickly reduce these symptoms.


What equipment do we use?


Our colonic equipment we use is FDA regulated, gravity based, and considered very gentle in comparison to the closed system.


The open system, which we use, provides a more modest and natural experience, similar to going at home.


Our water is filtered by minerals, as well as UV light, which kills bacteria on contact, insuring utmost safety.


Customers report amazing comfort, with top quality beds, essential oils, hydrating air, and relaxing music, adding to their experience.


How do I make an appointment?


Schedule an appointment online at or by phone at (323) 206-2282, to explore the possibilities.