Treatments  Q & A


What therapies do you provide


Colon Hydrotherapy, Lymphatic Drainage Therapy and  Liposuction aftercare.


How do colonics work


A colonic, also called colon hydrotherapy, flushes the colon with filtered water,

and as a response, toxic materials flow out.


Are colonics safe


Colonics are natural and safe.

However, one should seek a certified practitioner to ensure the best results.

All devices used in a colonic must meet FDA requirements,

and finding a colon hydrotherapist provider that’s an I-ACT member ensures more training.


How can a colonic help me


People report benefits when they remove stagnant waste and toxins from your colon.

And restoring intestinal integrity with healthy food, your digestive system can reset.

Nutrient absorption and production can ramp up.


What about “friendly bacteria” being lost


According to gastroenterologists your good bacteria will re-emerge, that said, it’s a good time to replenish with healthy foods that encourage this.

Including, adding probiotics after a colonic, which can boost millions of beneficial bacteria quickly,

and commonly used in the health market.


Are colonics painful


A colonic doesn’t hurt, and most report a great experience.

However, a few note brief and minor discomfort as the nozzle, used to deliver water, slips through the rectum muscle,

and some experience cramping sensations from gas.


How many treatments do I need


Everyone has different goals so there’s no standard number of recommended treatments.


How is the colonic administered


The procedure begins with the client lying on a comfortable colonic bed in a private room.

A small disposable nozzle is slipped into the rectum that delivers filtered water into the large intestine.

Water flows in, toxins flow out, as a practitioner administers the treatment.



How will I feel afterwards


Everyone reports a positive effect, including renewed energy and lightness.


What is lymphatic drainage


Lymphatic drainage is another natural protocol offered at Clenz.

By stimulating our Lymphatic System we can help to release the flow of fluids,

by encouraging natural elimination.


What are some of the benefits of lymphatic drainage


Lymphatic drainage can inspire toxin release in our fluids, therefore reducing inflammation, and we can potentially function better.


However, body piercings will exclude you from this treatment


Is lymphatic drainage therapy painful


Not at all.

Lymphatic drainage uses photon light energy, so nothing is felt,

and many clients report a calming and soothing experience.