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The Gut-Brain Connection

admin Dec 15, 2021

The Gut-Brain Connection

Perhaps you’ve heard about the gut-brain connection, but what exactly is it?


And why is it important?










According to Goodpath, and …

Linda Said, MS, RD, LDN


there’s a network of connections interpreting our mood, health, digestion, and overall well being.


Through the guts very own nervous system, known as the Enteric Nervous System (ENS),


communications occur.



Fascinating, right?



How does it work



In the gut, there are billions of microorganisms,


referred to as the gut flora or gut microbiome.


This community in the gut is unique to every individual, like a fingerprint.


With each affected by different factors like diet, hormones, antibiotics, emotional state, or gut disorders.


As the guts nervous system interprets the guts experience, it signals the central nervous system, and those signals reach the brain.


The brain then interprets these signals, and issues begin to occur, kind of like a loop.


Different factors like diet, hormones, antibiotics, emotional state, or gut disorders can upset the biomes integrity by disrupting the flora which can contribute to post-infectious IBS, for example.


A situation of great discomfort through bloat, irritation and constipation.


Initially, it was thought that anxiety, stress and depression contributed to gastrointestinal conditions like IBS.


But now there’s evidence that indicates this imbalance in the gut can send messages and signals to the brain that trigger mood changes, the opposite.


So the take-away is, a healthy diet and lifestyle, without medications, sugar, preservatives, and additives can improve mental health via the gut.


Therefore, if you’re having intestinal issues, don’t ignore it.


Factors like diet as well as a colonics, the rinsing of your colon, can be a winning combination to jumpstart a healthier gut.



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For more information regarding this article check out “Goodpath“, a team of doctors specializing in digestion issues.









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