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Top Anti-Inflammatory Foods

admin Mar 1, 2019

Top Anti-Inflammatory Foods


Inflammation is at the root of most diseases. At Clenz we use an instrument that decreases inflammation almost immediately called Bio-Electric Lymphatic Drainage. The treatment quickly usher out toxins from our tissue that are responsible for it. It’s painless and highly effective. Meanwhile, a diet including these top 15 foods will also help in the fight against inflammation and their easily incorporated into your diet!




(1) Green Leafy Vegetables (2) Bok Choy

(3) Celery (4) Beets, (5) Broccoli

(6) Blueberries (7) Pineapple (8) Salmon

(9) Bone Broth (10) Walnuts (11) Coconut Oil (12) Chia Seeds (13) Flaxseeds

(14) Tumeric (15) Ginger

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